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TVPro promises a powerful smart TV and comms experience

“TVPro is a set-top device that features two-way HD video streaming and an Android operating system. Those two features help to bring the familiar functionality of PCs and mobile devices into the living room.”

TVPRO and Reshape want to upgrade you and your TV with their new set-top box

“There is another Kickstarter on the block, this time TVPRO is looking to be the first set-top box of its kind, bringing a 1080p HD webcam and built-in speakers to the smart TV experience.”

Reshape TVPRO Interactive Media Player

“TVPRO to be the first intelligent interactive media player which will deliver similar intuitive features that one can experience on the computer and smartphone.”

Reshape introduces TVPRO for the living room

“The TVPRO happens to be a new state-of-the-art device which is touted to be able to transform just about any TV into a Beyond Smart TV, complete with a 1080p HD webcam.”

This Android-powered 1080p webcam could replace your Apple TV, Roku

“When Sam and Beau Haginas set out to create a way to connect to the nation's top health and wellness professionals live via their television screens, the brothers soon discovered they needed more powerful hardware.”