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TVPRO for Business


SKYPE, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, ReShape, Android Apps

Connecting business professionals anytime, from anywhere, will forever change the way you communicate with a LIVE 2-way interactive experience on the Big Screen. TVPRO’s 1080p HD webcam, brings live video communication to any room, forever changing how you use the TV.


Android 4.4, Google Play Store, Full Internet Browsing, One Million+ Apps

On a business trip? Or on vacation? When an urgent meeting arises simply connect your TVPRO to the TV in your room and you are ready to hold a face to face conversation. Working from home? Hold a video conference from your living room and stay in the loop.

  • TVPRO is the first patent pending interactive media player that has a full 1080p HD webcam. It transforms any TV into a “Beyond Smart” TV that can now provide the same experience we enjoy from our computers and mobile devices every day.

  • The TVPRO has a quad core processor which provides a desktop quality experience and is powered by Android giving you access to over a million apps, movies, TV shows, music and more through the Google Play Store.

  • The TVPRO provides limitless entertainment options to any TV—from movies, TV shows, music, games and more—improving the experience and keeping everyone in the family happy.

World’s First Interactive Media Player with a Full 1080p HD WEBCAM